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    The Social and Political Solidarity Integration Project





The aim of the project is to empower young adults to be more vocal peacefully, develop a democratic progressive grassroots movement, discuss and protest peacefully without fear of prosecution on issues such as social and political injustices, racism, the rise of far-right groups, dangers of nationalism, police brutality, equality, human rights and lack of organic solidarity integration for young adults with or without a history of migration. To meet these goals, once a month, 20 or more young people have the chance to share and exchange knowledge on these issues. By implementing this project, we will strengthen social and political solidarity among young adults which promote democracy, free speech, human rights, tolerance, equality, and appreciation for different cultures present in Germany.




The first course of action is to reach out to young adults and bring them together for a sit down in a town hall or round table setting or a webinar where possible. This will allow us to implement our project in a consistent manner. In doing so, we seek alliances and networks with different youth groups, universities, colleges, vocational training institutions as well as organizations, endowments, the community, and public leaders.


In addition to the young adults social and political organic solidarity integration project, we will develop future projects for the target group. In this way, young adults can continue to contribute to the social and political integration process. The network structures established during and after the project will enable the target group to pursue public service with newfound knowledge. Our project necessary more than ever to prevent young adults from anomie which is the sense of feeling very disconnected from the community altogether.

            Project Sustainability


In order to ensure the sustainability of the project, the project will have an ongoing advisory service to ensure project sustainability. The promotion of social and political organic solidarity is a very long process due to the growing unequal structures of society and the political process. Based on that and the analysis at the end of the two-year project period, we will design need-specific follow-up projects. Furthermore, continuous networking of the social-political actors and the multipliers, which can only be realized within the framework of a large, long-term, and sustainable project, is required. Therefore, appropriate funds are needed to establish the long-term sustainability of the objectives set in this project.



To provide indefinite resolutions, we will construct, describe, and resolve the feeling of social, political and economic anomie young adults go through. We will share knowledge on how to protest peacefully against racism, police brutality, social, political and economic injustices, and etc. We remain realistic while formulating these resolutions. Goals and resolutions are good but must be realistic. When coming up with our resolutions, we will take a closer look at what are the priorities for young adults now? What is issues need urgent attention? How can we deliver resolutions in a timely manner to prevent breakdown of social structures? How quickly can young adults mobilize to protest peacefully to spontaneous social and political injustices? In answering these questions, we tackle and provide resolutions the issues raised in this project.  



Days:                                First Thursday of every month

Months:                            Once a month. February through November

Years:                               2021 – 2020 (Two Years)