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Our Organisation

Center for International Conflict Resolution (CFICR) is an organization committed to resolving social and political disparities among young adults especially migrants, refugees, and minorities. To affirm our commitment, we are empowering young adults to build a progressive democratic grassroots movement based on organic social integration that address issues such as police brutality, racism, homophobia, human rights, inequalities, economic imbalances and etc.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable our organization to take the necessary steps towards projects and activities that allow young adults to organically social integrate into the community and address the social and political injustices young adults face everyday with or without migration history. We will address how young adults can peacefully protest on social and political concerns while respecting both public and private properties during a peaceful protest.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the social and political cohesion of young adults with or without history of migration through knowledge sharing, town hall meetings, roundtable discussions, workshops, seminars and events. This in turn will help shape the future of young adults and develop their communities. 


Romeo Hermann

Founder, President and CEO


Sahil Sharma

Web Developer

Venice Marutha

Communications Specialist

Taran Gupta

I.T Engineer