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No Room for Racism




Racism is a public health emergency





CFICR is all to aware of the end results of racism and the pain it causes for all. We stand against racism of every type. Young adults with or without migration history around the world are speaking up. They are exercising their inherent right to speak up against police brutality, racism, social and political injustices among other key issues that are often dismissed or ignored all together. This has to stop and we are here to support end to racism of every type. 


Young Adults Roundtable Social and Political Organic Integration Grassroot Movement Project



CFICR will begin its project in February 2021. The project allows young adults to discuss and resolve social and political issues such as police brutality, racism, anti-semitism and etc. In doing this project and many like it in the future, we want to end the feeling of disconnectedness between young adults and the community. Attendance of the project is free.

Reaching out to all Youth



CFICR is reaching out to all young adults and youth in general. CFICR is your organization and your platform to discuss and share knowledge about your social and political issues and ideas to resolve them. If you are reading this post or a friend or family spoke to you about us, we would like to invite you to come to our projects. You can email us